Terri Toste - Closing Coordinator | Aka “Mom”


Southern Homes of the Carolina's

Retirement?  Not for someone who has a son in Real Estate!  Yes, Mike is my son, so you have to be nice to me.  I’m a senior citizen!  He and I go back a long way, well, as far back as he goes anyway.  I've had the joy of watching him grow from a little boy sleeping with his baseball, to an active youth playing little league, to a fun-loving teenager who would do almost anything to make people laugh, to a man of integrity, character and strong convictions.  He takes good care of his momma and I am thankful I am able to help him with his various projects and files.  We’ve worked together since 2005, so I’m thinking he’ll be keeping me around a little longer.  Though I sometimes daydream of sleeping in a little later, reading more or having a blank calendar, I wouldn’t trade these days for all the sleep, books or dateless calendars in the world!